Jon Landry

Accomplished Information Technology Director from Connecticut and now the greater Seattle Tacoma area.

Jon Landry is passionate about both regions he calls home, Connecticut and the greater Seattle Tacoma area. Landry was born in Connecticut, moved to New Hampshire, then Washington, back to Connnecticut and now back to Washington. Like most native New Englander’s, Jon loves the four seasons, especially fall and the extreme winters. He also loves New England seafood. However, snowboarding in the Pacific Northwest cannot be beat!

Landry’s passion for technology was developed as a young adult growing up during the dot com boom at the turn of the millenium. It was during this time that he went to work for a small start-up honing in on his web development and programming skills. Through this blog Landry will share with you the ever changing and fast moving world of technology.

Jon Landry went to school in Tacoma Washington, studying Computer Aided Drafting. He learned this on a 486 which could take anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes to render a simple 3-D drawing in AutoCad! How the times have changed.

Jon has had the privilege of serving in a variety of leadership roles throughout his professional career. His core values – integrity, passion, pragmatism, focus and compassion are reflected in his approach to leadership.

With extensive experience in Information Technology and web based development, Jon has a demonstrated history of leadership and project management in real estate, property management, politics and the financial services industries.

Jon is skilled in leadership, employee growth development and management, business processes, project management, marketing and design, budgeting, data analysis, and long term strategic growth strategies.

Jon has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to his community for the last decade as an elected member of the Town Council, The Board of Education and the Zoning Board of Appeals. Jon has served as President of the Farmington Exchange Club and as a director on the Board of the Farmington Rotary Club.

As a public official for the last decade, Jon has used his communication skills daily including public speaking, on camera appearances, press releases and most importantly, listening to challenging issues put forth by constituents with empathy.

In the private sector Jon communicates with clients, customers, colleagues and vendors very clearly and politely in person, over the phone and in writing.

In his capacity as Director of Information Technology for over 10 years, Jon has clearly demonstrated the ability to make mission-critical decisions and manage situations and people. He has handled conflict management and resolution, deal making, delegation, inspiration, mentoring, motivation, coaching, hiring and termination.

Jon Landry is a leader in his community having served on several boards, and presiding as President to a civic organization. As an elected official, Jon has had the ability to be persuasive and help others understand his thinking and reasoning while also listening emphatically to their side.

Jon can analyze a situation and make an informed decision. He has worked on several State race campaigns where data analysis was a must for success. Jon has a strong design sense and as a critical observer, can adapt and innovate. Jon is very resourceful and will do what it takes to get the job done.

Being in the Information Technology field his entire career, Jon has exceptional troubleshooting skills and a desire to learn and continue education in a constantly changing field.

Along with his wife Erika and two daughters, Jon lives in the greater Seattle Tacoma area.

Hi, I’m Jon Landry, a nutmegger from Connecticut now living in the greater Seattle Tacoma area as an I.T. professional. 

I love sharing my New England  roots with friends and family on the west coast. Learn more about Connecticut or Seattle Tacoma on the blog and contact me if you have any questions.